share-the-road-jerseyComing and going, these bicycle jerseys really make a statement!

I just saw these great cycling shirts at They bluntly but humorously express the need (and legal obligation!) for motorists to share the road with cyclists.

Some of the sayings on the backs of these jerseys:

  • Don’t Honk at Me!
  • Share the Damn Road!
  • Infinite MPG (Miles Per Gallon)
  • 3 Feet (with an arrow)
  • Slow Down!

and my favorite:

  • Don’t Run Me Over!

On the front of each shirt …

“Thanks!” in inverted text, so that it can be read in a rear-view mirror.

The jerseys are made by Canari. They cost about $60. Share the Damn Road is a really interesting, witty bike advocacy site. It was founded by Phil Gaimon, who describes himself as a professional cyclist for the Kenda-Gear Grinders Pro Cycling Team, a coach, and a freelance writer.

Phil says he always makes an effort during training rides to educate any rude drivers he catches up with at a red light. Improving motorist courtesy one driver at a time – that’s Phil’s mission, and he says he aims to do it with a “slightly confrontational” method.

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