Share-Road-Sign-K-4296The Southern Tier Bicycle League is surveying local bicyclists to ensure our voices are heard as the Elmira-Chemung Transportation Council develops a Bicycling Master Plan for our area.

Make sure to let our local planners know what you’re thinking — and please urge your friends to come to our website to get their copy of the survey as well.

Here is the survey: Bicyclist User Survey 2014 Ziff Law Firm.

Every voice counts. Maybe you just ride casually in Elmira, Corning or Bath, or down in the Valley in Waverly, Sayre or Athens. Perhaps you’re a seasoned rider from Big Flats or Mansfield or Horseheads.

Your skill and interest level don’t matter. If you enjoy riding a bike a little or a lot, take a few minutes and answer the survey questions.

One of the key questions: On which streets in the Elmira area would you like to see safety improvements be a priority? And what improvements are needed on the streets? You can also suggest a high-priority street, and they also ask you about the importance of making the following streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians: Pennsylvania Avenue in Elmira and Southport; Main Street; Church Street downtown and in West Elmira; Water Street; Broad Street in Horseheads; Lake Street; Grand Central Avenue; College Avenue; Hoffman Street and Broadway.

Take a ride now that it is warming up and see what you think, then come home and take the survey!

Please submit completed surveys to Kent Goben of the STBL by April 2.  His email is

Learn more about the STBL here and here.

Thank you for reading and please tell me the following below: what one or two area streets are the most dangerous, and why? What do you suggest local officials do about the conditions? I will pass on your comments to the STBL.



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