A bicyclist is happily rolling along city streets. A bouncy beat sets the pace. It’s a happy scenario, until – “Blam!” – a careless car driver’s mistake means a serious injury to the bicyclist.

“Doored,” a YouTube video by artists and bicyclists Eric Arnstein and Jeff Ryan, starts off being just neat to watch – with a quirky soundtrack and a neat photo-collage animation style.

You can’t miss the message while you’re being entertained, however. Everyone needs to see “Doored,” but no-one should get doored.

“Doored” has a point to get across: Car doors, opened carelessly, present a danger to bicyclists! Drivers, please watch out for bicyclists when you open your doors into a bike lane. All too frequently, people aren’t paying attention when they open their doors – sometimes right into the path of a bicyclist.

This video – which took its creators about 160 hours to make – is obviously a labor of love. So be warned and be entertained by “Doored.” Check it out here and share it with anyone who rides – or drives!

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