Careless Avoca School Bus Driver Drags Girl Almost A Half-Mile, Says NY and PA Injury Lawyer


Bus stop signA careless school bus driver dragged a Steuben County girl for almost a half-mile Tuesday, Fortunately, the little girl was not seriously injured.

According to local news reports here and here:

The girl’s book bag got hung up on the bus door as she was leaving the Avoca Central School bus at about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday on County Route 55 in the Town of Fremont, north of Hornellsville.

The girl, who was not identified by police, was dragged four-tenths of a mile before the driver noticed her!

Bus drivers are required to watch the students to make sure they are clear of the bus before even shutting off the flashing lights, much less starting down the road. At this point, no one knows what this bus driver was doing but he or she certainly wasn’t paying any attention to the student  – which is the driver’s primary responsibility.

The girl was treated at St. James Mercy Hospital in Hornell for foot injuries and released.

Police are still investigating the incident.  Anyone with information concerning this incident is urged to call the local authorities.

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Police Investigate ‘Really Scary’ School Bus Crash, Says NY and PA Accident Lawyer

Police are investigating an accident Monday that injured schoolchildren in Bradford County.

A school bus accident is one of parents’ worst nightmares. Fortunately for parents in northern Pennsylvania, a crash Monday involving a school bus and a minivan does not appear to have been serious.

Please notice that I said it “does not appear to have been serious.” Sometimes, minor accidents can cause serious injuries that are not immediately evident. That is why I always encourage all accident victims to be checked by a doctor as soon as possible after an accident, even if they feel OK.

Some of the students told WETM-TV it was one of the scariest moments of their lives. Any accident involving a bus full of children is SERIOUS.

Here is what happened Monday, according to WETM-TV:

State Police in Bradford County said a minivan rear-ended a school bus carrying the Canton Junior High School girls and boys basketball teams at Woodruff Road and State Route 414 in Leroy Township.

Students told police the bus stopped quickly when a car in front of the bus stopped suddenly to make a turn.

Ten children were sent to hospitals in Towanda and Troy to be checked for possible injuries.

WETM spoke with two of the girls leaving Troy Community Hospital Monday evening.

An eighth-grader, Lizzy Tymeson, told WETM: “All of a sudden, we slammed on the brakes because the car in front of us was going really fast and wanted to turn. When we slammed on the brakes, our heads slammed forward. The car went into us too fast. It was really scary.”

Lizzy said her twin sister was being tested for a possible concussion.

A seventh-grader, Jewell Vanryn, said, “It’s kind of scary because you don’t expect things like that to happen because you don’t ever think it’s going to happen to you.”

State police said no one suffered life-threatening injuries. The teams were headed to Towanda.

State police declined to identify the drivers involved or any other details as of Tuesday.

Residents of Elmira, Corning and the Twin Tiers, remember to always get checked by a doctor, even if it is a “minor” motor vehicle accident!

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