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What To Do If Your Bike Is Stolen! Try Rejjee … And Other Advice From A Veteran Bicycle Law Lawyer

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There is nothing worse than having your beloved bicycle stolen.

If it is stolen, you want to do everything in your power to get it back. Have you registered your bike?

NYBC logoIf you haven’t already done it, go to Rejjee’s website or its mobile app and discover the smart and FREE way to manage all of your valuables. Rejjee has been selected by the New York Bicycling Coalition (NYBC), a state advocacy group for bicyclists (I am the president of the NYBC board), to be the group’s official bicycle registry to help reduce bike theft and increase the recovery of stolen bikes.

RejjeePlease take a moment to register your bike there now using the code NYBC and $3 will be donated to help NYBC’s mission – making New York State a safer, more accessible, and enjoyable state to ride your bike in.

Rejjee allows people to register an unlimited number of valuables, and it includes a real-time loss/theft reporting tool. The platform also includes a neighborhood lost and found!

Founded in 2014, Rejjee’s mission is to take $1 billion in stolen goods off the Internet.

Here is another option for bicyclists:

Bob Mionske

Bob Mionske

My friend Bob Mionske, a great bicycle law lawyer and member of the network, has a terrific website with great advice about keeping your bike safe and secure.

He offers this advice, in part, if your bike is stolen:

  • First, notify law enforcement by filing a stolen bike report. This is where your file documenting ownership of your bike will first be utilized — you will want to provide law enforcement with the bike’s serial number and a photo of the bike. (Do you have the serial number and a photo?)
  • Next, you should conduct your own search for the bike. Look on online sites, such as Craigslist and eBay. Be aware that thieves will sometimes steal a bike in one city and advertise it for sale in another city.
  • Bring a photo of the bike and make the rounds of the pawn shops and secondhand stores in your area. If a thief tries to sell your stolen bike to them, they may recognize the bike. If they have already bought the bike, the documentation you have filed, along with the stolen bike report, will be proof that the bike is yours, and you will be entitled to recover the bike through procedures established by state law—check with your local law enforcement agency for those procedures.
  • You should also make the rounds of the bike shops in your area. Thieves will sometimes attempt to sell stolen bikes to bike shops, especially if the shop sells used bikes.
  • Finally, check the police impound yard from time to time — your bike will end up there if it is recovered. Law enforcement should notify you, but just in case they’re not as diligent as you, it won’t hurt to look. Also, check the impound yard of your local transit agency — you’d be surprised how many bikes are left behind on buses.
  • If you do find your bike, notify law enforcement for assistance in recovering your bike. If law enforcement recovers your bike, they should notify you, based upon the stolen bike report you filed. also has some great advice worth reading, too. Check it out here.

The bottom line is: Protect your bicycle today. Register it with Rejjee or take a photo of the serial number and the bike!

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Take A Free Ride This Summer, Thanks To Bike-Sharing Program, Says NY Bicycle Crash Lawyer

Bike-sharing programs in some of our bigger cities will cost riders some money, but not the programs in the Twin Tiers. They are free.

Bake sharing program in some bigger cities will cost riders some money, but not the programs in the Twin Tiers. They are free.

Bike sharing is catching on in the Twin Tiers just in time for the summer. People who can’t afford to buy a bike, or don’t have access to a bike for some other reason, have at least three really great options to find bikes to borrow in the Southern Tier:

  • Near the walking trail at Sperr Memorial Park in Big Flats, between Kahler and Hibbard roads.
  • At the Water Street entrance to the Lackawanna Rail Trail in Elmira.
  • At the Watkins Glen Village Marina Bar and Grill at 2 Seneca Harbor in Watkins Glen.

Bike shares are an awesome resource for riders from many different walks of life, including those who don’t have their own bikes; travelers who regularly ride but don’t want the hassle of dragging their own bikes along on their trips; and people who haven’t ridden bikes in years and want to try a short ride.

A bicycle is such a great way to explore a new area because you can quickly cover a much bigger area than you can walking and you can see more remote, quieter areas in a much better way than being trapped in a car on the busy main roads.

To learn more about bike sharing and how it works, check out the Southern Tier Bicycle League.

The Star-Gazette newspaper earlier this month featured the new Sperr bike share shed, which got a boost recently from Brendan Marshall of Big Flats, a junior at Horseheads High School who worked on the shed as his Eagle Scout project.

Brendan made many repairs, including painting the shed, replacing a wall and reshingling the roof.

“I used to ride my bike all the time before I got a car. This is one of the most useful things I’ve come across in my life,” Brendan told the Star-Gazette. “I believe it’s valuable for the community that everyone can have a mode of transportation that’s quick and easy. Everyone could use a bit of exercise.”

The bicycle shed has been at the park for about a year.

So go enjoy the ride. It is free and fun!

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NY & PA Bike Accident Lawyer


James B. Reed
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NY Bicycle Attorney: A Land Where Bicycles Are Actually Embraced

Smart gas station owners in the U.S. should consider offering Bicycle Care Stations. (Courtesy of

I love this idea! Some gas stations in Copenhagen actually cater to cyclists by offering them a place to fix their bikes and pump up their tires.

Norway’s Statoil, a major oil company in Scandinavia with gas stations in Denmark, has earned the respect of bicyclists worldwide for welcoming bicyclists. Statoil, according to, has installed Bicycle Care Stations. In the photo at right is a station in Copenhagen, the City of Cyclists!

Statoil has created a special place for bicyclists to fix, tune-up or pump their bicycles. The sign reads:

“Dear Cyclist,
You can care for your bicycle here. You can pump and wash your bicycle and, inside the shop, you’re welcome to borrow a free bicycle care kit with oil, tire levers, allen keys, etc. 

In the center of the bike diagram is a rack that folds down so you can hang your bicycle up for repairs, cleaning or whatever. There is an air hose on the right and paper towels and plastic gloves on the left.

As the writer says on the website: “A modest investment, and in a flash, this station is bicycle friendly.”

Another blogger, at, cheers the move by Statoil and makes a great point: “It’s not as important as primary infrastructure like safe bike lanes and bike storage, but support infrastructure like this helps, if only to increase the visibility of biking as a legitimate way to get around.”

What a great, cheap idea that U.S. gas stations could easily embrace to differentiate themselves from every other gas station.

And it would make great business sense, because even though a bicyclist might not be buying gas while out riding their bike, they need a different kind of “fuel” and that is the food and drinks cyclists consume in huge quantities!

Not to mention, most cyclists also drive, and given the fact that cyclists tend to be loyal customers to those rare businesses that actually support their cycling, I suspect cyclists would flock to bike-friendly gas stations to fuel their thirsty cars.

Sure seems like a Win/Win for both the gas station and the cycling community! I hope we’ll soon see some in Elmira, Corning and across the Twin Tiers!

Thanks for reading and remember to ride safely!

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